BX3837 Volkswagen Golf GTI

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Blue Ox® Baseplates are vehicle specific brackets providing attachment points for your Blue Ox tow bar. Baseplates are designed to provide a solid, durable connection between your dinghy towed vehicle and your towing vehicle.

Product Features

IR (Installation Rating) is a rough measure of the time required for baseplate or bracket installation by a trained installer. These numbers can be used as rough suggested installation time by a trained installer. The first installation of a particular baseplate, and installation by untrained individuals will likely increase installation time substantially.

WR - Vehicles that will accept a bulb wiring kit (BX8869 standard bulb & socket, BX88269 clear LED bulb kit or BX88267 red LED bulb kit) are denoted with a B, those that require a BX8847 wiring kit a 47 and BX8848 kit a 48.

Fuse Bypass Switch - Click here to see if your vehicle requires the removal of a fuse prior to towing.

Type - Removable indicates Blue Ox baseplates that have removable attachment tabs, Standard indicates Blue Ox baseplates with standard attachment tabs, and D indicates Duncan bracket kits. Duncan bracket kits require the BX88230 adapter to use a Blue Ox towbar.


Please read your towed vehicle owner's manual and/or consult your dealer to determine if your vehicle is flat towable and the correct towing procedures for your vehicle.

After determining that your vehicle is flat towable, please consult the installation instructions that accompany the Blue Ox baseplate to ensure proper installation procedures are followed. Always use hardware supplied in the hardware kit or existing hardware specified in the Baseplate Towing Installation Instructions. Read more.

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